About us

Philosophy behind the white apron

The well-known house Wybo along the Staatsbaan (N43) in Zulte has been completely renovated in recent years. Assistance residences were built around the famous house, and found Eclipse TV a recording studio in a room on the first floor, where well-known Flemish people are interviewed at regular intervals. Zultenaren Peter De Graeve and Isabelle open contemporary Brasserie Wybo on the ground floor.

Peter and Isabelle are no longer strangers in Zulte and the surrounding area. The couple, together with Deinzenaren Jesse Van Gompel and Arthur Verhegge have been organising the corn maze Labyrinthfor several years now in Machelen and Peters foodtruck Cuisino Royale already found his way to many garden party and festival.

Peter was trained in a cooking school and started in 2017 together with Isabelle a food truck and catering company under the name "Cuisino Royale", a wordplay on the James Bond film Casino Royale. in 2019 they came up with the idea of opening a brasserie. When they collided with Villa Wybo, they were immediately sold.

The menus will be limited, but will change every month. Everything is freshly prepared and we work as much as possible with seasonal products.

Tasty worldly dishes from Europe, Asia, America, etc...